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Want to rank your server’s players according to a specific hierarchy? Like giving different ranks custom nametags? Need to give admins special permissions for them to efficiently manage your server? Looks like you need a rank system. Let us introduce to you RankSystem by [email protected]

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As its name suggests, RankSystem is an effective rank system that helps you manage the ranks on your server. Without further ado, let’s do a deep dive into the features of RankSystem!

Ranks, a necessity

There are four available ranks, Guest, Member, Admin and Owner. Players are automatically given the Guest rank when they join the first time. You can easily change their ranks using the “/setrank” command. Simply type “/setrank <playerName> <Rank>”. Do note that the player must have joined the server before in order for this to work. You also must be an operator.

Rankings (highest to lowest): Owner, Admin, Member, Guest.

Permissions for power

You can easily change “the political power of ranks” by modifying their permissions. Simply go to the permissions section of the config YAML file. The default in the YAML file of the rank system looks something like this.

  - "guest.use"
  - "member.use"
  - "rankext.vanish"
  - "rankext.punish"
  - "rankext.fly"
  - "rankext.vanish"
  - "rankext.punish"
  - "rankext.fly"
  - "rankext.show"

It is not recommended to remove existing permissions as these provide compatibility with our extensions, like RankExtension. Only do so if you know what you are doing. Moving on, you can easily add more permissions by adding on to the list of permissions within the any rank. This allows compatibility with a lot of other plugins, including your own!

Coins for a better Rank System!

Additionally, RankSystem also offers a form of currency for players. This is especially useful if you want to create a shop within your server. There are many use cases for this, such as prizes for minigames, easy trading and much more! To see how you can use our API, have a look at our API documentation.

To edit the amount of coins someone has, use the “/setcoins” command by typing “/setcoins <set/add> <playerName> <Coins(integer)>”.

Storing the information permanently

Worried that all the data would be lost after a server restart? Don’t fret, the plugin has ways to store the information safely. There are currently 2 ways, a file and an SQL database.


Files are easy to create and are rather efficient at storing data. The plugin would immediately generate a “ranks.yml” file to store the ranks. It also does all the work for you, so you do not need to touch the file at all!

SQL database

Unlike what most think, SQL databases are quite easy to set up. You do not need to have any coding experience to do so. In fact, SQL databases are much more efficient than files at retrieving and storing information. This makes SQL databases one of the fastest ways to use RankSystem. Here is the default database section of our config file.


Just input your database details into their respective places. Once you are done, the plugin is all set to go! Just remember to turn on the server. 😀

To learn how to create the database, visit our tutorial.

Best Rank System!

What are you waiting for? Download it now! It free of charge!